Photo caption: Maternal Health participant with her baby.

Photo caption: Maternal Health participant with her baby.

Centro Tyrone Guzman’s programs provide culturally responsive parenting, health care and resources to mothers in the community.

Maternal Health staff facilitate workshops and provides resources in a welcoming environment to facilitate a positive childbirth experience for Latinas. Women and their newborns are invited to come back for additional workshops including car seat safety classes.

Health Insurance Access
Centro Tyrone Guzman facilitates access to health insurance by conducting outreach and providing enrollment assistance. Staff identify individuals who are in need of insurance and incorporate health insurance access into overall care coordination services. Clients who attend a two-hour class and have insurance with Medica can receive a free child’s seat for their car.

Centering Pregnancy
This multifaceted model of group care integrates the three major components of care (health assessment, education, and support) into a unified program within a group setting. East Lake Clinic-Hennepin County Medical Center and Centro Tyrone Guzman partner to provide health education and care. Eight to twelve women with similar gestational ages meet together to learn care skills, participate in a facilitated discussion, and develop a support network with other group members.

Each group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy and early postpartum. The practitioner, within the group space, completes standard physical health assessments. The effectiveness of the model is supported by positive health outcomes in increased birth weight and gestational age of mothers who deliver preterm, as well as the satisfaction expressed by both women and their providers.

“Centering Pregnancy sessions provide a great environment for women to share with each other knowledge. As one mother said, ‘One of the best parts of the workshop was learning from mothers who had already had a baby what to expect, and what to do.’ Moms who are having a baby for the first time said it was scary to think of the process—they were very nervous—but after hearing other moms talk about it they felt much calmer. These conversations are unlikely to take place during an office visit.”
— M. Kaefer, MD


Our Information Center is constantly building a base of knowledge about community resources in Spanish that provide services with a sliding scale fee. The Information Center Manager can provide guided referrals to these resources. He can be reached at 612.874.1412 or


Yoli Chambers
Adult & Aging Programs Administrator