Photo caption: Family Nutrition Program participants cooking healthy recipes.

Photo caption: Family Nutrition Program participants cooking healthy recipes.

Centro Tyrone Guzman offers a nutrition education program aimed at expanding healthy foods for Latino children and empowering families to adopt healthier eating habits at home.

Photo caption: Siembra children harvesting vegetables.

Photo caption: Siembra children harvesting vegetables.

To combat statistics showing high levels of obesity in Latino youth, Centro Tyrone Guzman delivers eight-week nutrition education sessions for parents and caregivers throughout the year, partnering with Simply Good Eating of University of Minnesota Extension.

Children in our Siembra Montessori early learning center participate in year-round nutrition education, and healthy meals and snacks are provided to more than 250 children in Centro Tyrone Guzman programs annually. In the summer, we offer a three-week program for children, focused on nutrition education and food preparation.

Intergenerational Gardening
Each year, Centro Tyrone Guzman partners with A Backyard Farm to provide weekly assistance to children and seniors to prepare, plan, tend, and harvest a garden. Last growing season, more than 250 pounds of vegetables and herbs were harvested, for an average of 10-15 pounds per week. Produce was consumed at Centro Tyrone Guzman, used in educational cooking lessons, and sent home with families.

Intergenerational Family Health Days
To provide a space for young and old to explore healthy living together, Centro Tyrone Guzman offers quarterly Family Health Days. These events provide opportunities for grown children to learn about care options for their aging parents, while also providing opportunities for seniors to impart knowledge on younger generations.

Maricela was having trouble communicating with her parents. As a teenager, it was difficult to do things with mom and dad without having an argument. Who would have guessed cooking would make a difference!The Gonzalez family enrolled in the nutrition program at Centro Tyrone Guzman. Maricela enjoyed learning how to read labels, stay healthy and do exercises that helped her burn calories. Her relationship with her parents improved as they spent time together cooking delicious recipes, and they now feel healthier. Most of all she liked that her parents were learning to listen to her. We are so happy Maricela’s parents took these classes. The workshops have made a world of difference.
— Program Coordinator


  • 100% of participants indicated that they will change their behavior as a result of what they learned in nutrition education.


Yoli Chambers
Adult & Aging Programs Administrator