Raíces Mural at Centro Tyrone Guzman

Hopes and dreams, experiences, voices, identity – the Raíces youth have shared all of this and more through the mural they created in collaboration with community artists, Leilani Mendoza and Andrés Guzman. Together with the artists, the youth led conversations about their Latin identity, including challenges they encounter in the community and their role in society. These conversations are what led to the concept for the mural and inspired the first brushstrokes.

Public art is used as a vehicle to articulate the emotions felt by a community reflecting upon itself. This mural is a representation of the youth that participate in Raíces as we see ourselves. We are engaged, inspired, and assertive students, and most importantly, we are the future. This mural embraces our collective Latine history, yet it pronounces each one of us as individuals. In saying this, we cannot be painted the same color with one broad stroke of a brush. We came together to create this mural with our ideas, voices, and talents. Our uniqueness is what feeds strength into our community. It is our hope that this project promotes recognition and respect for every person that passes this mural. – Raíces