Trusted Leader

As the oldest and largest multi-service Latino organization in Minneapolis, Centro Tyrone Guzman is a trusted leader and partner, serving more than 7,000 individuals annually.

Holistic Programs

Centro Tyrone Guzman serves all ages, from infants to elders, using education, health and wellness as the key strategies to build our community’s strength, participation and vitality.

Culturally Centered

Our evidence-based, family-centered, and culturally responsive services address health and education disparities and empower Latines to change systems and mindsets.

Loneliness: A Growing Health Threat for Older Adults

When Sol Moran, 63, left her home in Puerto Rico to move to Minneapolis, things initially went well. She enjoyed being closer to her son, who lived in a nearby suburb, and she had a job she enjoyed. Then Moran got hit with a constellation of serious illnesses. [Read more…]

Why do we use e?

 Centro Tyrone Guzman has chosen to use “e,” in place of the Spanish use of masculine ”o,” to include people of all genders. We are committed to gender inclusion and recognize the important contributions that all persons make to our communities.

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